Counseling and Psychotherapy for teens, adults & couples

Vera Bellamy, Licensed Therapist, LMHC


Counseling and Psychotherapy for teens, adults & couples

Vera Bellamy, Licensed Therapist, LMHC


Delray Beach therapist Vera Bellamy

Welcome to Vera Bellamy’s imaginative and caring space for mental health counseling and psychotherapy

Vera Bellamy is a licensed psychotherapist, LMHC, in Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and Palm Beach county, FL. Her therapeutic work focuses on helping people to expand the immense potential of their inner resources and to learn to live fulfilling lives.

The tenets of therapy are personal commitment to healing and developing a trust in the process. Calling a professional counselor is a sign of courage and determination. Research shows that a healthy therapeutic rapport is the most important predictor of successful therapy outcomes. Healing of the mind helps people cope better with personal challenges and setbacks. Personal empowerment and confidence in one’s resources leads to building a joyful and healthier version of oneself.

If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, grief, divorce, relationship or other mental health issues, please know that you’re not alone. Therapy can help you to create new shifts and perspectives, and achieve well-being and transformation.

Counseling Services

Counseling can help with these issues and more:

Substance abuse
Interpersonal issues
Eating disorders
Life transitions
Career changes

Meditation Programs

My meditation programs,
The Core Wisdom and The Core Wisdom II
will help you:

  • Calm yourself on a daily basis
  • Begin to trust yourself for better decision-making, well-being, and creativity
  • Gain wisdom, integrity, and compassion.

Your outer world will start reflecting the beauty and harmony of your inner healed self.


How do I know if I need therapy?


  • I feel down and alone

  • I don’t get any joy out of life anymore

  • I feel sad most of the time or all the time

  • I feel overwhelmed and anxious

  • No one understands me

If you can identify with these feelings, working with a professional therapist can help you make lasting changes in how you feel about and see the world.

As a licensed therapist and meditation teacher, I offer innovative tools to help you manage and overcome feelings of overwhelm, hopelessness, sadness or depression, no matter what the cause.

What clients are saying…

Vera is a wonderful therapist, I’ve been seeing her for over 6 months now. She’s very easy to talk to and has helped me immensely with improving my communication skills. I find her to be very insightful and recommend her to friends and family.

~ RD

Vera is an extremely talented individual. She is empathetic while forcing you to be extremely honest with yourself and help you understand the root of your issues. Her knowledge and expertise in several different areas of psychology have allowed her to really hone in on what makes her patients tick. I am grateful for our sessions and always look forward to them, even when I know I have to look inward and face some harsh truths. Thank You!

~ OD

Vera Bellamy, LMHC

Vera is a Licensed Psychotherapist in the State of Florida. She has worked in a variety of industries, including Higher Education, IT and Marketing, and Healthcare. She received her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

She has provided therapeutic services within outpatient substance abuse, and co-occurring disorders programs and within private practice. Her clinical interests include treatment of trauma, anxiety, mood-disorders, grief and loss, self-concept and self-image, and life transition issues. In addition, Vera holds a Master’s degree in French from UC Berkeley, and is fluent in French, English and Bulgarian.

Vera Bellamy Counseling Delray Beach. FLA

I am a beautiful person.


I will get well.


I will dream again.


I will have a fulfilling life.

How counseling works

We start with a phone or Zoom consultation. I will answer your questions and get an idea of your situation and how I can help you. We’ll discuss next steps and schedule a counseling session.

At our first session, we’ll make a plan for your therapy together.  All of our sessions will be in a safe, confidential, completely non-judgmental atmosphere, conducted with compassion and empathy.

Counseling sessions may be held online or in person, depending on your needs and location. You will always receive reminders about an upcoming session. You can see my payment and cancellation policies here.

Are you ready to feel better and get more out of life?