Meditation Program

The Core Wisdom

The Core Wisdom Meditation Program – with Vera Bellamy, Therapist & Meditation Teacher

Perhaps you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, disappointed, impulsive, or anxious, and you are looking to find a calm and safe place within.

The Core Wisdom Program is a 6-week meditation course that teaches essential energetic self-regulating techniques through experiential training. The Core Wisdom leads to empowerment, wholeness and clarity of mind.

This program will allow you to gain mastery over your emotions and thoughts. It will help you reduce stress levels by regulating response to outside events, and connecting with inner wisdom.

The program is designed to be repeated and integrated into your daily routine so you can use it daily for a lifetime. It is highly recommended for people dealing with personal crises, divorces, disappointments, betrayals, and despair, and various stressful situations. It boosts the body’s self-healing abilities and starts an inner transformational process through improved insight and a feeling of well-being.


Meditation is an effective tool to retrain the mind. Meditation practices are supported by many scientific studies. A regular practice of 6 weeks will create lasting changes. These practices have been proven to decrease stress, anxiety, and despair while improving emotional regulation and cognitive function. Meditation practice helps you improve your self-esteem, your relationships, and self-expression.



You will learn how to use focused attention and intention to deepen a contemplative practice and embrace a mindful living.

You will learn grounding techniques, improve awareness and develop compassion.

You will learn how to bring more coherence to your mental states.

You will start developing an appreciation for your deeper self.

You will experience an increased sense of wellness.

A consistent practice will lead to peacefulness, self-love, kindness and patience.


“My session with Vera was helpful and insightful. I saw where I was holding back or stuck, and where I was shining bright. I recommend working with Vera for healing your past and present and to get more clarity around what serves you best.”


“I highly recommend Vera. She was very accurate and compassionate – two traits that are very important in this type of work. She held the space for me to uncover deeper issues that I had. I felt peaceful at the end of our sessions.”


“Vera is a true seeker of wisdom and understanding in the intuitive realm. She really is able to take all this knowledge and experience into her sessions. I felt very peaceful after my session and had gained some insight into my own “energetic” needs. Her work is very powerful and transformative.”

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