Vera Bellamy

Licensed Psychotherapist, Educator, Linguist, and Meditation teacher.

“I love helping people understand themselves, love themselves and find excitement in their dreams.”

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A healthy spirit and mind create a joyful world.


Vera J Bellamy holds a Master’s degree in French from UC Berkeley, Berkeley, California, and a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Additionally, she is certified in Spiritual Coaching from the Academy of Intuition Medicine®, Sausalito, California.

Her areas of clinical interest are humanistic and psychodynamic psychotherapies, cognitive-behavioral therapies, narrative and solution-focused therapy, trauma-focused therapy.

She is also a proponent of holistic approaches to health, such as mind-body-spirit medicine, mindfulness, personal development, and spirituality.

In her therapeutic work, she focuses on developing a healthy and compassionate relationship with clients. She treats each client’s story as equally important and valuable. Her goal is to help clients heal from psychological wounds and patterns through specific interventions and skills.

Vera brings a rich cultural and academic background to her work with clients. She has lived in three different countries – The United States, France and Bulgaria. Years of studies in literature and philosophy have expanded Vera’s understanding of human nature, and the importance of creating meaning, understanding memories, processing experiences and finding purpose.

She personally knows how wonderful life can become when we commit to change, personal growth, and transformation. Vera’s genuine wish is to help others reconnect with the joy of their mind, body and spirit, and to achieve good mental health.

In her spare time, Vera likes to read, write, travel, connect with people, and exercise. She has a curious mind which never stops being moved by the beauty and exquisiteness of life on this planet.

For Counseling services, please go to the Counseling Services page to read about Vera’s counseling approach and work with clients.

For Meditation training please consult my Core Wisdom I and Core Wisdom II program pages.

My Healing Story

I would like you to know me better through the story of my own healing, and how I came to believe in the power of personal transformation.

Over a decade ago, I fell into a deep personal crisis, after years of struggling to overcome depression and to balance a difficult relationship. When my marriage ended, I experienced a massive loss of faith in humanity, in myself, and in the joy of life itself. I became disillusioned about everything I knew about how to be in the world, and about much of what I had been taught as life lessons and choices. By looking for answers outside of myself, I didn’t find the peace and direction I urgently needed to start healing and enjoying my life again.

During this time of darkness, I met an enlightened human being at the gym, who noticed my despair, and felt compassion for me…

Vera Bellamy Counseling - my healing story