Meditation Practice

Remastering the Self

Remastering the Self Meditation Program

This six-month meditation program is the most powerful tool to retrain the code of your being and deepen your self-awareness.

It is offered after completion of the Core Wisdom 6-week course program. It builds on the foundational tools mastered during this initial program.

This program will encourage you to seek new meaning and purpose in your life. You will build mental and emotional strength, increase fulfillment and become more decisive.

The program consists of weekly experiential practices and lasts up to 6 months of one-on-one sessions. It will help you achieve mastery in meditative practices.

The weekly meditations will support your personal growth and will help you practice the tools you will progressively learn. Week after week, you will deepen your healing, transformation, and integration of unique wisdom and applied attention. A new module of meditation practice is introduced each month.



Relieves stress and suffering.
Brings stability to your emotional states.
Rebuilds your energy.
Creates new visions for your life.
Reconnects with your inner wisdom and life lessons.
Increases your self-compassion.
Gives expression to your creative endeavours.
Inspires you to become more authentic in all areas of your life.
Helps you gain insights into your life patterns.
Leads to empowerment through peace and kindness.



  • 4 x 50 minute sessions per month.
  • Books for personal development.
  • 30 minute free initial consultation.

“With a sublime accuracy and wisdom, the energetic artistry of Vera’s work identified one area after another that I was not aware of, eventually healing me and grounding me in a solid understanding and peacefulness. I recommend her wholeheartedly. Thanks for rocking my world Vera! :-)”


“What a wonderful, enriching time I have spent with you and the people who are drawn to your wisdom! I find it very hard to stay still and quiet but with your guidance, it was a piece of cake and sooooo enjoyable!”


“I attended Vera’s Colors of Wisdom Workshop for the first time. It felt wonderful to relax and enter into some calming meditations under her expert guidance. Her workshop provided me with some great information on the subjects of energy and self-awareness and how to practice the importance of grounding. I look forward to attending her next event as it also brings like-minded members of the local community together which is always a good thing.”

Questions about Remastering the Self?