I like to meditate and think about change. As human beings we are constantly manifesting new situations and experiences, but sometimes we know that we need a leap to take us out of the circle and patterns we have created.

At any moment, inside all of us, there is often a dormant ever-present discontent – what I call a longing for the leap.  A leap is just a completion of a phase and an involvement of the spirit, mind and body.  A leap will often take us far far away into worlds that are unimaginable to our conscious​ness yet somehow deeply felt and deeply sensed below conscious awareness.

It feels so good once we know and we are clear where we are going and what is the best leap to take… Fearlessly grabbing the leap and trusting its course!  I would like you to stop ordinary thinking for a few minutes about the changes you think you want, the leaps you think that you need, the things that you think you desire and instead initiate a different way of communicating with yourself.

I would like you to discover what is the most truthful and joyful leap you can take! The one that will take you from a state of discontent to a state of content, the one that would honor you and your spirit.  I invite you to close your eyes for a second and enter your heart!

Trust the first insights that come to you and do not let your mind take over and start interpreting them.  Inquire right now about what is it that will make your life more joyful and more abundant?  What does your heart most desire right now ? Just feel the whisper of the heart.

Wait for the sudden impressions, the first insights, the symbols. Write them down even if they feel odd or outrageous. This is the beginning of inviting a primordial voice into informing your life decisions.  We need to learn to live more from our hearts because a decision based on the heart feels more truthful, honest and human.

Ask your heart what you are holding on to, what you are resisting. What is preventing you from taking the leap, from honoring the truth and the voice of the heart?  Use your intention and make peace with the old, leave it to the wind and send it to the fire so you can make room for the new.

Stop resisting ending old relationships, old beliefs, old patterns, and make room for the new to enter your being and manifest into existence!  Walk grounded and connected to the earth, present to you and to what you feel deeply in your heart. Trust it!

I will show you in my next post how to increase your grounding so you can manifest more, carry more, leap further. The more you train with the slow pace of the earth, the faster you will heal yourself from old wounds and discontent, and the faster you will manifest your new leaps.  So be a tree with deep roots today, with attention on your heart, and start your journey with hope that all is possible and that in a matter of weeks you could be in a very different place than you are now.

Start your day from a place of empowerment and belief that you can be a more joyful and more content version of your present you. Be grateful always and give yourself a huge hug for being here and listening to your heart!

“Energy Medicine is the field that studies the human body as an energy system. An Energetic Healing works to help balance this system.”