If we think back in time, probably the most memorable people in our lives are those who have spoken kind words to us.

Words carry the power to move mountains and to move us deeply. The right word at the right time might save someone’s life, might shift someone’s reality, might make someone rethink their entire life…

Trust that your words will be heard.

Kindness is a quality of the soul. We develop kindness when we realize that we have so much kindness in our hearts to give. Then we start thinking more and more kind thoughts and want to say more and more kind words. We practice kindness and kindness returns to us.

When we are inspired to say something kind to someone, we are manifesting the color of our deep soul. The soul wants to express itself through spoken words. Together kindness and words are pure energy that shift and animate the soul of someone else, and affect our own cellular energy and the energy of the entire universe. This is how interconnection works.

Use kind words profusely. Never think that a particular person doesn’t deserve it. Don’t withhold it because you have been hurt or because you are afraid. Our calling is to give kindness, to infuse our words and the world with the elixir of gentleness and kindness and inspiration.

Our responsibility is not to wait for a response or expect an outcome. Our responsibility is to live through the laws of our soul.

Be kind to yourself. Wake up every morning and set the intention to be kind to your body and spirit. Don’t criticize yourself, don’t regret anything, don’t be afraid to be yourself, don’t look for anybody’s approval, don’t control how you appear to others. Walk with the confidence of someone who is kind.

Kindness is surrender, surrender to who you are in this present moment, smile to yourself right now, smile to your soul, to your accomplishments, to your encounters, to your day. Be kind to the experiences you have. And yes, look within, to appreciate the kindness you are made off.

Think kind thoughts during the day. Send kind thoughts to others. Make your day a kind day.
Don’t judge the world by its unkind acts, it is not our responsibility to participate and join the unkindness of the world.

Say hello with kindness to your neighbors, greet your colleagues with kind smiles you have never shown before. Be the kindest person there is around.

What is there to gain you may be asking if the person on the street is unkind to me?

Remember that a kind person is a wise person.

He knows how to manage himself and how to bring healing and change to the world. You will be wiser than your unkind neighbor, you will be wiser than anybody who sends unkind and mean thoughts and words your way.

You now know something about the power of kindness that they don’t know. You now know that kindness is more powerful than any other energy around, and that it opens doors and builds treasures, and gathers wisdom, and touches the souls of people.

It makes the world a better place for all. And it makes you someone we all want to hang around, because you nourish our soul and our spirit, and that makes a life worth living!

Think about these words, yourself and the world with kind thoughts, and get your smile on today.