Masters of Arts from UC Berkeley.

I was watching a video of Matthew Hussey, a famous relationship coach, in which he said that he didn’t understand or believe in the concept of “just being yourself”. So I started wondering what does it really mean to Be Me?  Yes, it is true that the advice “just be yourself” is classic self-help 101 talk, but it made me ponder on how we experience ourselves, and ruminate on what it means exactly to Be Me. The Me or the Self is the subjective experience of who I am at any present moment of time. It is an amalgam of the ego self and an energy/spiritual self. THE ME UNFOLDS… IT IS A PROCESS OF FEELING MY WORTH AND MY SUBSTANCE, MY INNER BEAUTY AND MY UNIQUENESS, WHILE SENSING MY INNERCONNECTEDNESS TO THE WORLD AROUND ME. The ME is discovered, felt, sensed, intuited and appreciated. Every one of us hopefully can reach a point where the ME is sipped like an expensive wine, is adored and loved.

In love, aside from sipping the wine of timelessness, nothing else exists. 

There is no reason for living except for giving one’s life. 

I said, ‘First I know you, then I die.’ He said, ‘For the one who knows Me, there is no dying.

These are Rumi’s words.

And my wise self is saying hello to me, and the many ways I exist as me.

I am a woman with unique features, personality and history. This is my basic ME.

I have invested a lot of time into knowing myself through introspection, reading, reflection, meditation, energetic healing. This is an expression of my thirst to know the ME.

I have dug very deep into my spirit, heart and mind to understand what drives me, what motivates me, what my passions are, why I have loved and suffered, what my purpose is, how I create meaning, what makes me incredible joyful and outrageously happy. This is ME knowing and understanding the ME.

I am extremely curious and I enjoy Life in all its aspects, richness and mysteries. This is so ME.

I try to act from my deepest Truth and Integrity towards ME and other human beings. This is my compassionate ME.

I am passionate about teaching people how to live kinder and wiser lives, how to open their hearts, how to read the whisper of their souls. This is the purpose of my ME.

I separate my emotions from other people’s emotions – my parents, my loved ones, my friends. I try to differentiate my expectations from the expectations of the group. This makes me more ME.

I love to feel the intensity of my emotions through Music. I love to dance, laugh and celebrate. This is “loving my life” ME.

I have an essence or a soul, and the more I reflect the energy of my soul, the more I am full of my ME – the energy which gives me color, uniqueness, vibration and health.

At the end, we share each other’s unfolding ME through the energy we project, give and display. The lighter we are, the higher we can fly. The brighter we are, the more ME we show.

There are many shades of ME.

And that is one truth of the universal ME!