I feel that we reach a certain level of spiritual maturity when we notice and bring more joy into our lives. We feel more present, there is a certain lightness in our existence, we awake up feeling energized. We encounter and create moments during the day which make us feel alive, joyful and that improve the quality of our lives.
Many people experience joy then the next day they crash or go back to their old routines. But real joy can become a state of mind if we continue to improve as people, bring more acceptance into our lives, more positivity and compassion, and retrain the way we have been living and perceiving the world. With the right state of mind, we can stay joyful even in adversity.
I am inviting you to consider 3 suggestions to increase our daily joy and to feel better about who we are.
1.    Welcoming more acceptance into our lives.
What I mean by this is to learn to not fight our experiences but to find meaning in all we do and create, and to let go of the resistance to come back to ourselves. We need to learn to accept our stories for what they are, and to bring ourselves quickly back to the present moment. It would be fun to start our day by looking at ourselves in the mirror and saying: Hello Janet/John, this is where you are today in your life and you have a beautiful life. And that brings us back right here today and to my next point.
2.    We have to have love and self-compassion for ourselves.
There is no way we can walk joyfully in the world if our tank is empty. Many people want to be loved by others, but they have to fill up their own tank first so a true exchange of love can happen. Think of ways that you can give to yourself and increase affinity for yourself. What makes you happy but you have been postponing to do? Do things every day to fill up that tank with self-love. Only you know how to do this well, and if not, sit down with yourself and have a conversation. When your heart is full, your heart is joyful.
3.    Doing something for the world.
I think that acts of service make us really happy. Often times we are too busy to think about what we can do to change the world, but the world needs us. The planet needs better people with joyful hearts to make this a better place for future generations. Helping neighbors, volunteering, giving money to a charity. Do something to transcend your daily worries and expand your appreciation for being alive. We have our purpose and mission in life, but we are a part of the whole, and what we do with ourselves and our lives impacts the whole. That is why when we discover our spirit selves, and the innate joy that we all have inside ourselves, we want to share it with the world.

Cheers, Vera