You and I are creating every second of our lives. And this creativity is the driver of life. We live to experience new things, to enjoy the fruits of our labor, to find ourselves in places we have envisioned, and to marvel at the products of our imagination.

We can always speed up our creative process, and add much needed vibrancy to our creative genius.

I believe that deep and original creativity doesn’t come from thinking but from stillness. Actually if you are thinking too hard you might be hindering the creative process… instead of encouraging it. Try it for yourself but I recommend that you take breaks during the day and that you start creating stillness into your body and mind.

Learning to empty your head is essential for receiving the ideas and inspiration that will turn your creative process in new directions. That will get you started on manifesting something that you can’t think about right now because you need silence and patience to receive it.

So, if you feel stuck, go back to – not knowing – to wandering, to walks in nature. Find the disruption that you need in order to put into motion the creative energies that you seek.
Give yourself the permission to be you, and to be creatively wild.

I believe that if we are not giving rise to our creative ideas, it is because we are playing it safe. We are afraid to be different, afraid of being judged, we are too often safety seekers when we need to push our boundaries to let the creative juices to flow.

Creativity involves risk, it requires authenticity and audacity to follow our inspiration and the call of our spirit.

When we create to be validated by others, you are not creating from your authentic self for the sake of creation. We are putting limits on what creation is, and how it is received by the world.
I also believe that when you are serious about speeding up your creative potential, you need to focus and trim your social calendar. I don’t think that people realize how much they can become drained by social interaction. 

Creativity requires the measured and thoughtful use of your energy. Be smart where and when you give your energy away. Find time for you, make yourself a priority, turn down the TV and replace the cocktail with something nourishing like a walk or meditation. 

Nourish and nurture yourself so your soul can flower with authenticity. Strive and thrive while becoming different from the groups you travel in, and marvel at your uniqueness. 

To be an original, you have to be truthful with yourself. You have to be able to understand and communicate on more and more honest levels. 
You have to own your gifts and share them, so the world around you can feel your unique contributions. 

Jackson Pollock once said that every true artist paints who he is. Each person on earth can create openly and freely to the extent that we allow ourselves to Know Thyself!