Healing starts with Curiosity

I know that healing starts with curiosity. I know it from my own personal experience. If I wasn’t curious about who I was, what my purpose was, why I attracted the experiences I did, why I suffered, why, why, why… I would have never experienced the joy and clarity I have at the present moment.

Curiosity is the impetus to everything we do in life. There are no inventions, and no breakthroughs in the world without first becoming interested in something.  I met a woman recently on a walk, and I was astonished that she felt comfortable with her suffering. She had broken up with a boyfriend quite a while ago, but still talked about him, and still hoped that they could reconcile – as if she expected him to come back into her life. All her energy was directed on this one past experience, and she forgot about herself, and how to make herself happy again.

For me, this is an example of a person who isn’t interested in learning about herself, and in expanding her perception to repair the pain she is feeling.  We may say that her spirit is stuck, that she is in box, that she needs to stay a little longer in that state before she learns her wisdom lesson.

Whatever the real reason, at a deep level she is lacking the curiosity for herself that she needs to deal with her loss. She is not present to herself, is not grounded, and is living in the past.

Curiosity is an amazing skill. Nothing happens without having an interest in discovering something new and surprising, something that our logical mind can’t even conceive. I am so surprised that people spend so much time learning about other people, but forget to learn about the most important person in the world — themselves.  Yet, what happens to us and how we deal with every situation depends on the tools we learn to answer the questions our curiosity brings forth, and the compassion we feel for ourselves, and the wisdom we are able to receive during the healing process.

That is why Intuition is such an important ability to discover and use. The more curious we become about ourselves, the deeper we will know ourselves. And as we increase our self-knowledge, we increase our confidence in ourselves. The more confidence we have, the more we trust our intuitive insights.  The more there is of us here in present time, the more we integrate our intuitive skills with our rational mind and live happier, clearer and more pleasurable lives.

So be curious today.

“Your outer world will start reflecting the beauty and harmony of your inner healed self.”