How to Stay Open To Love

How to Stay Open To Love

Let’s have a discussion on how to stay open to love.

The kind of love I have in mind here is Agape love, unconditional love, the broader more expansive love towards ourselves, others and the planet. How can we cultivate that love all of the time?

Everybody has love inside of them. You don’t need to search for it, you need to trust that you have an abundant amount of love to give and receive. We are wired to love and we are wired to respond to love with kindness.

Nobody can survive without love. If you take a look at your exchanges, love is everywhere around you. All day long we are exchanging love, like we are exchanging money. One we see, the other we feel and sense. A hello is love, a smile is love, nice words are love, your presence is love, showing up is love.

Always cultivate an open heart. I was in meditation today and was observing my heart. I know from personal experience that when we experience a conflict, rejection or disappointment, we tend to close our hearts.

We close our hearts because we are sad but also because it hurts to feel the pain and disappointment of rejection. This is exactly why we need to reverse our course, and stay open. By keeping our hearts open, we are letting them heal, and allowing them to receive love from other sources — our pets, friends, parents, neighbors, and all of nature. Let the exchange of love keep flowing.

All our hearts are like giant flowers with petals. What happens to a flower when it is closed? We don’t see its essence, its colors, we can’t smell its fragrance. That is why we need to keep our hearts open and beautiful despite adversity. Our hearts are made to be appreciated. Everyone is worthy of love, everyone is worthy of receiving love. We are loving and lovable.

Cultivate the love you have. Let it grow. Love the small acts of love, they will grow your love.

As you expand your awareness, your love will expand. You will naturally make space for love to flourish inside of you. As you start to embrace your essence which the present moment reveals to you, love will replace what is not love inside of you….

So chirp your hearts out and pay attention to the love that flows all around you.



About Empathy

About Empathy

Most people would probably agree that our world needs empathy.

The dictionary defines empathy as the action and the capacity of understanding, being aware of, and being sensitive to the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of another person.

If we can feel our own pain, can we naturally fee the pain of other human beings or animals? Are we really wired for empathy, or do we learn empathy?

Psychologists talk of three types of empathy. Cognitive empathy is when you can put yourself in somebody else’s shoes. We cognitively understand what people are going through. Understanding that somebody is hurting is limited, as it doesn’t produce the kind of acknowledgment the other person needs.

Emotional empathy is when you feel and sympathize with the feelings and emotions of others. We need this capacity to maintain relationships and friendships. Some people are better at this than others, for example therapists. Emotional empathy can be treacherous for sensitive people. Feeling somebody’s else emotions and pain without boundaries can cause you to become ill.

To have healthy empathy, we must practice Compassion. With compassion we understand and we feel for someone else, but also are capable of holding a safe place for them to have their own emotional experiences. Compassion is felt more in the heart. We are extending our heart to someone else’s heart, thus making the other person feel seen, heard, and acknowledged.

Transformation is a process. As we heal, we also learn and develop more empathy. Feeling the pain of others is an essential component of good health.

Reclaiming Your Personal Power

Reclaiming Your Personal Power

It is a beautiful summer outside and most of us will see our parents and relatives during vacation. These happy moments might awaken within us some deep and uncomfortable unconscious issues. It is possible that some of us might feel a bit unbalanced after our times with family. It is because it is very hard, for most of us, to stay in our personal power in the presence of family.

I would like to share with you a small meditation to reclaim your personal power after you see your family. If you feel apprehensive even before the visit, you can use this meditation as medicine to prep for the visit, and also to stay centered, while you are there and afterwards.

I suggest that you trust the first insights that come to you during this quick meditation. Sense, perceive and feel the symbols, the images, the colors and the textures that might come to you during this relaxation. Also, use intentionality to make changes in perception.

CLOSE YOUR EYES AND START BREATHING. Relax your shoulders, your neck, and drop your emotional energy from your whole body towards the earth, and start sinking under the pull of gravity to mother earth. Drop a connection from your lower body to the earth and feel interconnected with the vastness of the earth.

Imagine that you are sitting on the beach and the waves are coming and going. Feel the peaceful energy of the summer air and bring that into your body. Slow down your body with the shimmering blue of the ocean. Use intention to entrain with the color and the vibration of the ocean.
Sink in even deeper. Call your life force energy to you. See it as a color or a symbol, and gift your body with your life force energy. Be full of your life force. Be in your power.

Now put your awareness on your heart and ask your heart where and to whom you are losing personal power. Take a moment to identify the experiences and people that weaken your life force energy the most. Notice the type of exchanges you have with them. If you feel like you have been losing your power, ask yourself why you are giving permission to that event or person, to take your power away.

Ask your heart what you need to do to always feel your full power when you are with these people.
Use your intention to separate your person power and agency from the power of the people draining it. Feel free to sense that separation in your own way. Just intend for it to happen and create healthy, nurturing boundaries.

If you need to forgive anyone, do so right now. If you feel the need, have a silent conversation with your parents or relatives. Tell them how you would like the relationship to change going forward. Just state your wish, and present it to them in silence, let them know your new vision for a happy relationship.

Now recall a moment when you felt in your full power. Remember how it felt. Go back to that moment and try to bring that feeling to awareness.

Be a balloon full of your best self. Draw a healthy boundary around your body. Feel the excitement of this new you, and show it to the people you love.

Become grateful for bringing more acceptance and understanding into your life!
Cheers, Vera

The Power of Kind Words

The Power of Kind Words

If we think back in time, probably the most memorable people in our lives are those who have spoken kind words to us.

Words carry the power to move mountains and to move us deeply. The right word at the right time might save someone’s life, might shift someone’s reality, might make someone rethink their entire life…

Trust that your words will be heard.

Kindness is a quality of the soul. We develop kindness when we realize that we have so much kindness in our hearts to give. Then we start thinking more and more kind thoughts and want to say more and more kind words. We practice kindness and kindness returns to us.

When we are inspired to say something kind to someone, we are manifesting the color of our deep soul. The soul wants to express itself through spoken words. Together kindness and words are pure energy that shift and animate the soul of someone else, and affect our own cellular energy and the energy of the entire universe. This is how interconnection works.

Use kind words profusely. Never think that a particular person doesn’t deserve it. Don’t withhold it because you have been hurt or because you are afraid. Our calling is to give kindness, to infuse our words and the world with the elixir of gentleness and kindness and inspiration.

Our responsibility is not to wait for a response or expect an outcome. Our responsibility is to live through the laws of our soul.

Be kind to yourself. Wake up every morning and set the intention to be kind to your body and spirit. Don’t criticize yourself, don’t regret anything, don’t be afraid to be yourself, don’t look for anybody’s approval, don’t control how you appear to others. Walk with the confidence of someone who is kind.

Kindness is surrender, surrender to who you are in this present moment, smile to yourself right now, smile to your soul, to your accomplishments, to your encounters, to your day. Be kind to the experiences you have. And yes, look within, to appreciate the kindness you are made off.

Think kind thoughts during the day. Send kind thoughts to others. Make your day a kind day.
Don’t judge the world by its unkind acts, it is not our responsibility to participate and join the unkindness of the world.

Say hello with kindness to your neighbors, greet your colleagues with kind smiles you have never shown before. Be the kindest person there is around.

What is there to gain you may be asking if the person on the street is unkind to me?

Remember that a kind person is a wise person.

He knows how to manage himself and how to bring healing and change to the world. You will be wiser than your unkind neighbor, you will be wiser than anybody who sends unkind and mean thoughts and words your way.

You now know something about the power of kindness that they don’t know. You now know that kindness is more powerful than any other energy around, and that it opens doors and builds treasures, and gathers wisdom, and touches the souls of people.

It makes the world a better place for all. And it makes you someone we all want to hang around, because you nourish our soul and our spirit, and that makes a life worth living!

Think about these words, yourself and the world with kind thoughts, and get your smile on today.

Finding Clarity

Colors of Wisdom

Finding Clarity

Vera J. Bellamy, Founder Colors of Wisdom

5 June 2017

Recently, I had a change in my own life and for me it was a blessing because it gave me a lot of clarity and a boost of creativity. And this is exactly what we need in order to create the changes we aspire to.

I would like to stress a few points:

I am suggesting that we need to improve our inner dialogue and expand our intuitive guidance system.

I am also teaching that joyful change happens from a receptive mode when we relax into ourselves and let silence take over. Instead of actively seeking change in external circumstances, we let life happen to us in synchronistic ways. This is how life is supposed to work, when we feel that there is a flow to our manifestations and not a constant struggle.

I am suggesting that we need to live from an inner place of non judgement, connected to the heart, to quantum intelligence, and to the wisdom and honesty of the earth.

I believe that this way we can create happier lives, more in alignment with who we are, and every step of creating we take is a step that makes not only our lives joyful but the world a better place.

If you have failed in a business and you are constantly analyzing what you did wrong, stop interpreting now, stop analyzing yourself, and instead find the wisdom lessons by creating more clarity within yourself. I am certain that we can all rebound in powerful ways from trying situations that basically no longer work for us. Give a lot of compassion to yourself for the experience you are dealing with and went through, give yourself credit and start doing the exercise I am going to teach right now.

You are creating silence and clarity by letting the messages come to you. You are creating from the inside out. Even in the noisiest environments like the NYC train, you will be able to relax and work on yourself and your change! They are synonymous! You are the change.

You are using imagination to enter the micro world of energy.

Get in a comfortable place, and start anchoring your body into the earth. Start sinking slowly by letting the power of gravity connect you to the earth.

Relax your shoulders, your arms, your neck, your legs, scan all your body for tension and let it sprinkle down into the earth.

Put your attention into the center of your head and look for a silent place. There is a place in the head that is vast and silent. Don’t judge it now if you can’t find it, try to relax into it, and you will be surprised when you get there.

From that silent place, imagine being anchored in the earth through your legs, your pelvic area, your arms. Feel your body becoming denser and more relaxed. You will notice how the tension and the stress and the voices are leaving your body through this anchoring system. It is like a recycling system. You are recycling experiences faster now, so you can create experiences that reflect this current moment. This is the fastest way to change.

This is how you let go every day.

I recommend that you do this all week long for a few minutes a day, in the train, in the park, in the workplace. Just close your eyes, and sink in. And use intention to let go of anything you are ready to let go of each day, let go of one situation that bothers you. And always notice how your body feels.

By next week you should be more peaceful, silent and clear!

In the meantime, give yourself on a pat on the shoulder for being here, and being open to change! You are very courageous!

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