Reflections on the Heart – Part One

“ Discover the powerful light of your spirit and the joy of your heart.”


I’ve noticed in the last few months, while working on myself, with clients, and in workshops – that I’ve been drawn to do healings of the heart. I’ve become increasingly aware that we need to heal and nurture our tender and beautiful hearts.

All of us keep so much in our hearts – pain, disappointment, loss, memories – wishing that our past disappears in the depth of our heart. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think that time really heals our pain, although it does make the memory of it more distant from our present and consciousness.

For this reason upgrading the energy of the heart is crucial for our happiness as human beings and our new beginnings. Opening up to our spiritual wisdom starts with cleansing and opening the heart.

What the spiritual traditions call spiritual qualities – compassion, empathy, love, inner-peace, patience – author and cardiologist Paul Pearsall calls heart-felt qualities. “The brain is made for success, the attainment of desired ends. But the heart is designed for excellence – possessing good qualities” (A heart of Excellence, P. Pearsall).

Have you noticed how closed up so many of our hearts are, how fearful we are to show our love, compassion and empathy towards our friends and strangers?

Pearsall suggests that to have a heartfelt life, we need to become extremely attuned to our heart’s messages of wisdom, which are transmitted through its subtle energy field. And we need to become “as cardio-sensitive” as the heart recipients.

How do we become sensitive to our hearts, when most of the time we tend to protect instead of open? Where does this “cardio-wisdom” come from? Is it innate or do we increase it and reveal it through deepening our connection to the energies of the universe?

From my own experience with intuition development, I believe that intuition allows us to tune into and listen more to our hearts. The new connections we create through intuition increases the sensitivity of our hearts. And the more we use and practice our intuition, the more we become aware of this subtle realm of wisdom gathering and integration.

As we increase our awareness about ourselves, we naturally experience a more connected life to the world around us and to other people. Science is revealing to us that intuitive information is processed through the heart, seconds before it reaches the brain, thus presenting us with a new picture of the complexity of our human nature (Electrophysiological Evidence of Intuition: Part 1, Rollin McCraty and al. 2004).

If the science of intuition holds the clue to understanding our connections and role in the world as suggested by R. McCraty, it might also make us understand how this expanded perception and wisdom opens our hearts in new ways, and heals our heart and bodies. As human beings, we have a lot to learn about how to be in the world and how to be more connected, more joyful, and more present. Spiritual and personal development is about acquiring spiritual knowledge and integrating more spiritual qualities in our lives.

By committing to discovering who we are, we are allowing for a new spiritual guiding self to emerge, and replace the pain we have been keeping in our beautiful hearts with light and new possibilities.