Revere the Sacred

Revere the Sacred

The famous author Caroline Myss says that “people are hungry for the sacred.”

Once, people in masses went to churches to reflect and to connect with a force stronger than themselves, one that brought them relief and peace and hope.

“Religion is part of the human make-up. It is our first attempt at cosmology, making sense of where we are in the universe, our first attempt at health care, believing in faith healing,” writes Christopher Hitchens.

Whatever the Gods represent for you, quantum intelligence or a divine intelligence, we need the humility the sacred brings into our lives to make sense of our illogical human existence. I heard one of the victims of the California fires say “only gratitude matters going forward.”

Collectively we need more inspiration, more beautification and purification of our characters, our personalities, our souls, and our energies.

We are a sacred temple, and everyone on earth is a sacred temple. Together we make one sacred tribe. We walk on sacred earth, and we desperately need to accept ourselves as sacred beings. No shift in collective consciousness will ever happen if we don’t welcome back this basic truth.

We need to respect the sacred each one of us has decided to pursue; it is the right one for you at this point of your human evolution.

The true sacred inside of us doesn’t wage wars, doesn’t wish bad things to people, doesn’t look down at other sacred beings.

When you are feeling stressed, bring to mind the image of a sacred space, feel the peacefulness and the tranquility of sacredness inside of you. Respect, devotion and faith are a part of who you are.

In my yoga class this morning, blessings were sent to my body, my friends, the people all over the world who are suffering and lacking peace. Send blessings to your own body, and your own friends, and all other places you wish to send some sacredness and healing

Reclaiming Your Personal Power

Reclaiming Your Personal Power

It is a beautiful summer outside and most of us will see our parents and relatives during vacation. These happy moments might awaken within us some deep and uncomfortable unconscious issues. It is possible that some of us might feel a bit unbalanced after our times with family. It is because it is very hard, for most of us, to stay in our personal power in the presence of family.

I would like to share with you a small meditation to reclaim your personal power after you see your family. If you feel apprehensive even before the visit, you can use this meditation as medicine to prep for the visit, and also to stay centered, while you are there and afterwards.

I suggest that you trust the first insights that come to you during this quick meditation. Sense, perceive and feel the symbols, the images, the colors and the textures that might come to you during this relaxation. Also, use intentionality to make changes in perception.

CLOSE YOUR EYES AND START BREATHING. Relax your shoulders, your neck, and drop your emotional energy from your whole body towards the earth, and start sinking under the pull of gravity to mother earth. Drop a connection from your lower body to the earth and feel interconnected with the vastness of the earth.

Imagine that you are sitting on the beach and the waves are coming and going. Feel the peaceful energy of the summer air and bring that into your body. Slow down your body with the shimmering blue of the ocean. Use intention to entrain with the color and the vibration of the ocean.
Sink in even deeper. Call your life force energy to you. See it as a color or a symbol, and gift your body with your life force energy. Be full of your life force. Be in your power.

Now put your awareness on your heart and ask your heart where and to whom you are losing personal power. Take a moment to identify the experiences and people that weaken your life force energy the most. Notice the type of exchanges you have with them. If you feel like you have been losing your power, ask yourself why you are giving permission to that event or person, to take your power away.

Ask your heart what you need to do to always feel your full power when you are with these people.
Use your intention to separate your person power and agency from the power of the people draining it. Feel free to sense that separation in your own way. Just intend for it to happen and create healthy, nurturing boundaries.

If you need to forgive anyone, do so right now. If you feel the need, have a silent conversation with your parents or relatives. Tell them how you would like the relationship to change going forward. Just state your wish, and present it to them in silence, let them know your new vision for a happy relationship.

Now recall a moment when you felt in your full power. Remember how it felt. Go back to that moment and try to bring that feeling to awareness.

Be a balloon full of your best self. Draw a healthy boundary around your body. Feel the excitement of this new you, and show it to the people you love.

Become grateful for bringing more acceptance and understanding into your life!
Cheers, Vera

A Healthy Heart – Part Two

A Healthy Heart – Part Two

I perceive a healthy heart like the shining sun. It nourishes us beautifully, shines brightly, and feels peaceful.

I am trying to sense what Jesus’ heart was like – a bright sun emanating wisdom, and what we call a Christ’s consciousness – the embodied connection between the heart, the brain, and the sacred. Jesus must have been wearing his healing heart on his sleeves. He had so much to teach and give that protecting himself and hiding his gifts was not on his agenda when called to serve and change the world.

A healthy heart glows from a distance. I think that we can all make this happen. A healthy heart radiates a healthy energy that makes everybody feel good. We like people for the heart energy they emanate and project towards us.

The lasting connections we have in our lives are based on this invisible heart to heart connection that we honor and cherish.There is trust in this thread, and integrity, honor and respect. We communicate through this heart energy that we like the other people, that we treasure their spirit, and their beautiful selves.

In a way we all wear our hearts on our sleeves, like Jesus, because our heart energy doesn’t lie. Research shows that the heart’s energy field is much stronger than that of the brain. “The heart is hundred times more electromagnetically powerful than the brain” (In awe of the heart, Pearsall, 2007). The heart is constantly emitting energy all around us, and the energy of the heart is easier to measure in comparison to the brains. “The heart’s energy can be measured form several feet away from the body” (Pearsall, 2007).

New advances in neurocardiology reveal that the heart has its own neuro-circuitry and acts as a processing center for information, stimuli and cognitive functions. The heart’s nervous system contains around 40,000 neurons called sensory neurites that are in two-way communication with the brain, which also regulate cardiac function.

“Research shows that the heart, in fact, literally thinks, feels, and remembers; is formed and nurtured; by and connects with others hearts” (In awe of the heart, Pearsall, 2007).

We all intuitively know that life revolves around the heart, and that the meaning we create in life is somehow all about our heart-felt experiences. Steve Jobs once said at a Stanford graduation ceremony that “Your heart and intuition already know what you would like to become. Everything else is secondary.”

The heart is an amazing organ. The French philosopher Blaise Pascal used to say that the heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing about. We are in love with logic and analysis, but life is, in so many ways, an illogical place. Human beings have been chasing their own tail in prioritizating logic over all else. While elusiveness and beauty and mystery is forsaken.

The most exquisite things in life are veiled in mystery. We can’t pin them down that is why we are drawn to them. That is why we are so intrigued by the heart, and afraid at the same time.

The link between the heart and intuition has been demonstrated by research such as at the HeartMath Institute. But the role intuition plays in our lives is an emerging science that hasn’t been studied extensively yet. Using intuition is a healing process because we accept and welcome in our lives the mystery that surrounds our human existence. We are as mystical as we are logical, and both sides enrich our lives and makes us more whole.

If the heart’s energetic field is so powerful, is it possible that the more intuitive and connected we become to the larger interconnected world, the more we open our hearts to new sensory input and energies? Anybody who has spent time developing intuitive skills reports an increased emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. The infusion of new wisdom into our lives, and healthier energies allow our hearts to safely let go and transform. Our hearts slowly heal from our misguided perceptions and illusions.

I think that intuition somehow helps us make better and healthier decisions for ourselves, our hearts and our lives. By balancing the power of the logical brain and our social conditioning, perceptual shifts start happening. And in bringing more awareness to our hearts, we create more fulfilled and meaningful lives.

The more we integrate intuitive ways of being and thinking, the more awe and wonder we experience. Our sensory system becomes more sensitive to the beauty, insights and impressions we receive. We start experiencing life in beautiful new ways, and we experience positive and empowering emotions.


“Pearsall (2007) says: “I am learning that awe happens when something occurs that causes our heart to somehow manage to free itself from the dominance of our brain and to cause us to feel profoundly connected with the world in new, challenging, and sometimes frightening ways.”

Reflections on the Heart – Part One

“ Discover the powerful light of your spirit and the joy of your heart.”


I’ve noticed in the last few months, while working on myself, with clients, and in workshops – that I’ve been drawn to do healings of the heart. I’ve become increasingly aware that we need to heal and nurture our tender and beautiful hearts.

All of us keep so much in our hearts – pain, disappointment, loss, memories – wishing that our past disappears in the depth of our heart. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think that time really heals our pain, although it does make the memory of it more distant from our present and consciousness.

For this reason upgrading the energy of the heart is crucial for our happiness as human beings and our new beginnings. Opening up to our spiritual wisdom starts with cleansing and opening the heart.

What the spiritual traditions call spiritual qualities – compassion, empathy, love, inner-peace, patience – author and cardiologist Paul Pearsall calls heart-felt qualities. “The brain is made for success, the attainment of desired ends. But the heart is designed for excellence – possessing good qualities” (A heart of Excellence, P. Pearsall).

Have you noticed how closed up so many of our hearts are, how fearful we are to show our love, compassion and empathy towards our friends and strangers?

Pearsall suggests that to have a heartfelt life, we need to become extremely attuned to our heart’s messages of wisdom, which are transmitted through its subtle energy field. And we need to become “as cardio-sensitive” as the heart recipients.

How do we become sensitive to our hearts, when most of the time we tend to protect instead of open? Where does this “cardio-wisdom” come from? Is it innate or do we increase it and reveal it through deepening our connection to the energies of the universe?

From my own experience with intuition development, I believe that intuition allows us to tune into and listen more to our hearts. The new connections we create through intuition increases the sensitivity of our hearts. And the more we use and practice our intuition, the more we become aware of this subtle realm of wisdom gathering and integration.

As we increase our awareness about ourselves, we naturally experience a more connected life to the world around us and to other people. Science is revealing to us that intuitive information is processed through the heart, seconds before it reaches the brain, thus presenting us with a new picture of the complexity of our human nature (Electrophysiological Evidence of Intuition: Part 1, Rollin McCraty and al. 2004).

If the science of intuition holds the clue to understanding our connections and role in the world as suggested by R. McCraty, it might also make us understand how this expanded perception and wisdom opens our hearts in new ways, and heals our heart and bodies. As human beings, we have a lot to learn about how to be in the world and how to be more connected, more joyful, and more present. Spiritual and personal development is about acquiring spiritual knowledge and integrating more spiritual qualities in our lives.

By committing to discovering who we are, we are allowing for a new spiritual guiding self to emerge, and replace the pain we have been keeping in our beautiful hearts with light and new possibilities.