Happiness and Global Coherence

Happiness and Global Coherence

I felt that August 21th, the day of the Solar Eclipse, was an extraordinary day in the U.S. I bet that almost everyone was able to step out of their worries and dilemmas, and look up to the heavens for magic. So many people were feeling happy thanks to the moon hiding the sun, thanks to a natural phenomenon that excited our imagination, vision and hope. I felt the happy vibes myself, and I am sure than many people did as well.

These events are glimpses of how interconnected our minds are with other minds and objects in this holistic reality. Or as Dean Radin says in his book, Entangled Minds:  “It is as though we live in a gigantic bowl of clear jello. Every wiggle-every movement, event, and thought-within that medium is felt throughout the entire bowl.”

Many scientists measure our subtle human entanglement through the coherence of the frequencies we emit. This is called global coherence or field consciousness research. I refer you to consult the Global Consciousness Project conducted at Princeton. On their first page one reads: “Coherent consciousness creates order in the world. Subtle interactions link us with each other and the Earth.”

That is partly why people meditate together for peace, or we have group peace or climate marches… the happy feelings of togetherness and joy experienced by us seem to amplify and spread, and this can be measured.

This could explain why when we are surrounded by happy people, we feel happier. Their vibration entrains coherence to our own less coherent states.

So the more we bring change to our consciousness, and the more we direct our attention to common goals for the betterment of all, we elevate our collective consciousness and influence the consciousness of others.

One piece of wisdom to take from this is that nature makes us feel happy, and that fascination with heavenly natural forces move us to a childlike joy. In rare moments such as solar eclipses, we realize that our lives are small pebbles in an infinite universe. So the question for everyone to ponder after this is that our own pebbleness matters, that the way we carry ourselves in the world, the joy and the happiness we emit, affects everyone around us and contributes to the subtle changes in the consciousness of our cities and the world. So let’s continue this happy project, chirp about it and create positive waves of change.

Blessings, Vera

The Entangled Webs We Weave

We Weave

“At very deep levels the separations that we see between ordinary, isolated objects are, in a sense, illusions created by our limited perceptions” (Entangled minds, Dean Radin, 2007).

The picture above is of a tree I saw on a walk in Marin county, California. For some reason, it made me think for second of our entangled subatomic world, which is what physicists now believe to be the reality that we live in.

Entanglement is a law of modern physics. It means that when subatomic particles meet, their course of action even after they separate, stay correlated. By extension, scientist have been suggesting that we create bonds with one another through healing intentions and empathy, that we create connections even with animals we encounter and trees we touch.

These connections probably continue to have effects and influence us beyond physical separation. According to Mickael Brooks (2004), “Physicists now believe that entanglement between particles exists everywhere, all the time, and have recently found shocking evidence that it affects the wider, ‘macroscopic’ world that we inhabit.”

Achterberg’s research (2005) on distant healing reveals that human healing intentions affect brain function in ways not “entirely understood.” So every time I look at this tree, I am moved and I am reminded that we live in a beautiful and interconnected universe, where we share ourselves at an invisible level. I feel that this tree’s living matrix has left imprints within myself and my energy because I feel connected to it. And I feel grateful that I do not evolve alone in this world

In deep meditative states, I can experience the interconnectedness of everything. It just shows itself to me. In stillness, I  sense a web of wave-like energy, in incredibly quiet environment. This quantum energy seems like a grid, and it has a very well-organized interference pattern, a wave-like quality. This is also how scientists describe the nature of the universe.

I find deep peacefulness in this expericence, an awe and wonder of living in this energy based reality. It is a moment of infinite grace, a moment of profound truth. I am inside of its vibration, its palpitation, I feel so much gratitude. I observe the energy connection in all aspects of my physical reality, In a similar way, trees and plants and nature are part of the same grid and translate their own language on earth.

These experiences tell me that there is no void on earth, and what we see with our five senses is just a small piece of the reality we live in. The rest is still a mystery, the realm of what sages call the mystical world. Einstein once said that “the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.” I am convinced that as human beings we are capable of connecting with the nature of our reality, and derive meaning from it for us and the world around us. Intuitive qualities, while “subjective and slippery” (Radin, 2007), allow us to access knowledge and insights that have real value and truth, and maybe provide valuable information for us ahead of time.

I remember the first time I started giving intuitive insights to people. My trainers believed that Intuition is a skill that needs to be practiced immediately, so they put me in a room with a woman who came to inquire about her emotional state. Somehow, I knew that she came because she had an issue with a boyfriend and the reading took a relational direction. But the moral of the story is that all that day I kept wondering how I’d known about her boyfriend.

Where did that information come from? After all, I was a novice intuitive reader, barely a few months into the training, and I was seeing and sensing information that was true for this woman and had value for her emotional state. I didn’t know anything about her.

From what I now understand scientifically, I now believe I had used my human intuitive skill to log into the holographic nature of the universe, what scientists call the non-local realm, where information is stored and where space and time are irrelevant. Because I might have became entangled with this woman, our minds or our brains became entangled as well, and somehow she allowed me to enter into her energetic world and read her story.

Not only did she allow me, but I also had the tools to log into that realm and get there, and grab the information I needed. The curious thing is that at this point I barely had the skills to access intuitive information. It is quite possible that somebody else with the same Intuitive skill-set may have not accessed this information or may have accessed a different kind of information. Then, it would mean that entanglement and correlation between people might be very unique, and that the exchange of communication occurring is also unique.

Although nobody is capable yet to give us the full picture of how entanglement between people happens and exists, there is no doubt in my mind through my observation of energy fields that we do become entangled, and that correlation happens on some deep and unconscious level.