Racheal, San Francisco

“My session with Vera was helpful and insightful. I saw where I was holding back or stuck, and where I was shining bright based on what she saw in my reading. I was able to take notes the whole time as she went through my energy and shared with me what she felt and saw. I liked the vivid imagery she used to describe what she was seeing. I recommend working with Vera for healing your past and present and to get more clarity around what serves you best.”

Samira, Mill Valley, CA

“I highly recommend Vera. She was very accurate and compassionate – two traits that are very important in this type of work. She held the space for me to uncover deeper issues that I had. I felt peaceful at the end of our sessions.”

Amanda, Larkspur, CA

“Vera has been studying energy medicine for a number of years. She is a true seeker of wisdom and understanding in the intuitive realm. She really is able to take all this knowledge and experience into her sessions. I felt very peaceful after my session and had gained some insight into my own “energetic” needs. Her work is very powerful and transformative.”

Dawn C., Fort Lauderdale

“The moment I met Vera her positive energy radiates from her. After our session, I felt happy and lifted spiritually. Her techniques helped me grow from a confusing time and brought me positive clarity.

David Newman, MA, Founder at South Florida Biofeedback

“With a sublime accuracy and wisdom, the energetic artistry of Vera’s intuition identified one area after another that I was not aware of and washed away years of misconceptions, eventually healing me and grounding me in a solid understanding and peacefulness. I recommend her wholeheartedly and from each chakra, you will not be disappointed! Thanks for rocking my world Vera! :-)”